Y4T Online Training Program is the first online training of its kind. With a community of graduates from 15 countries and counting, this is the premier online training for yoga teachers and mental health practitioners interested in trauma-informed yoga. Y4T Online Training Program provides you with foundations in trauma theory, essential aspects of yoga philosophy, and guidance to help you make informed choices as you guide others through the process of trauma recovery.

WEEK 1 – Foundations of Health

This week you will learn how to set yourself up for success in this program, and to how extend that to your clients & students.

WEEK 2 – Understanding Trauma

In week 2 you will learn the current definitions, updates conceptualizations of trauma in the field. We’ll explore the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as complex and developmental trauma.

WEEK 3 – Somatic Psychotherapy and The Nervous System

In week 3 you will learn the key role the body plays in trauma recovery and how involve the body in the healing process. We’ll discuss techniques to help clients stabilize in times of crisis, and process emotions when the time is right.

WEEK 4 – Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy and Practice

In week 4 you will learn the philosophical roots of yoga and how they relate to post-traumatic stress, somatic psychotherapy and the nervous system. We will also cover the impact of postures and breath work on the nervous system, including some sample suggested sequences for common manifestations of post-traumatic stress.

WEEK 5 – Principles of Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY)

In week 5 you will learn more core principles in trauma-informed yoga, and how to set up a trauma-informed 1:1 or group space.

WEEK 6 – Advanced Principles

In week 6 we will discuss advanced principles including dissociation, attachment, and power dynamics as they apply to the roles of facilitator and student in a TIY setting,

WEEK 7 – Research Review

In week 7 week we’ll take a deep dive into the current research available that is relevant to your population, and emerge with some of your own research as well.

WEEK 8 – Practicum

In week 8 you’ll put your skills to work and apply what you’ve learn in one of three structured practicum exercises.